Our Beliefs

Companies are a lot like people: the best ones stand for something. Our entire team provides an experience according to the below. If you agree with them, we think you might be an ideal client partner for us, and we’d love to talk more. If you don’t, we have a few thousand competitors that would happily assist and may be a better fit culturally.

At GET Logistics, we believe in…

  1. Being honest, being open, being awesome, being better.
  2. Focusing on a shipment as much as on a client’s experience with us.
  3. No excuses. Just outcomes.
  4. No hiding. If things go wrong, we overcommunicate until resolved.
  5. Thinking big picture, but GSD (Get Sh*t Done) every day.
  6. Curiosity and its power to drive improvement. We ask why. We improve. We repeat.
  7. Never forgetting what it’s like to be the client.
  8. Incorporating ethics and compliance into all that we do.