About Us

Who are we?

We are a service company born in the digital age, built on today’s top technologies, employing a team of experienced experts with access to a nationwide network of equipment. Based in Oak Brook, Illinois, our company was built on the feedback of current and past clients. We asked them, what are you looking for in a provider and what are your biggest current issues. They said, we need flexible solutions, class-leading client support, and better visibility & insights. Enter GET Logistics.

What are we?

We are the team that connects your company with its clients and suppliers and we take that responsibility seriously. Our ground solutions vary to meet your needs and range from FTL to LTL, flatbed, expedited, or project cargo. We are proud to be domestic supply chain experts and transportation specialists.

Why are we different?

Simple questions deserve simple answers. We have the same service offerings as many of competitors, we just do it with a different focus. We focus on our clients; not just this shipment in transit. We focus on the whole supply chain, not just the next shipment.

See, we didn’t have to digitize or keep-up with technology changes because much like the Esurance company story, we were born into an era of technology. No legacy systems or crap to make work. Our company is built on equal doses of trucks, people, and technology. Our experts are here to proactively avoid issues, resolve problems fast, and work with you on big-picture topics while we leverage our technology to match shipments and trucks affordably and to drive the insights that will save you big… no pun intended.

Client Support: Dedicated account managers that care and have the power to act, and a team that has your back to ensure things get done. If a problem needs solving, they will move mountains.

Visibility: Online tracking and GPS updates for shipments and dashboards & analytics for insights.

Capacity: Nationwide network of equipment for FTL, LTL, Flatbeds, Expedited, & Projects.